Detailing & 3D Modelling

The flexible in-house detailing staff utilises both Tekla Structures & Strucad to provide the accuracy and the level of detail required in today’s steel construction industry. The professional engineering staff designs the end connections of all members to assure that the structural integrity fully meets all specifications.

Noel C. Duggan Structural Steel Ltd. detailers, under the direction of the professional engineering staff, perform the detailing function to the highest level of accuracy and skill in a timely and cost-effective manner. In the event that out-sourced detailing efforts are needed, we have a wide range of professional firms that we utilize who will meet the needs of any project specifications.

Engineering Detailing Services

Shot Blasting

All steel is shot blasted to S.A.2.5 on the company’s prefabrication Gietart shot blaster. It can then be shot blasted in our post fabrication Gietart shot blaster prior to commencement of painting to ensure the quality of the steel and the interaction of paint to its surface is of the highest quality.

The calibration can be set to S.A.3 if specifications are required.

Plate Fabrication

Noel C. Duggan Structural Steel Ltd. plate lines provide precision plasma cut steel plates ranging from a thickness of 3mm up to 50mm.

Our Plate Processing Systems combine CNC nesting software with the technologies of hydraulic punching and plasma cutting for any shaped hole, such as squares or obrounds. Contour thermal cutting is performed via high definition plasma. Plates are also marked with carbide part marking in one continuous operation which ensures quality throughout the fabrication process, without delay.

Steel Fabrication

Noel C. Duggan Structural Steel Ltd., operating out of an 8,000m2 fabrication facility, produces in excess of 7,500 tons of steel annually.  The company has a large range of highly sophisticated networked production equipment which ensures the consistency of high quality, precision engineered goods.

Our drawing office is directly linked to the fabrication department, therefore the drawing office is able to download the construction and fabrication drawings to the workshop CNC machinery for steel-work preparation.

Fabrication of the structural steel and component items is completed through an automated process, with minimal intervention. Noel C. Duggan Engineering is predominantly equipped with a wide range of Ficep & Peddinghaus CNC equipment, which receives data directly from the 3D modelling systems.

The structured network is built primarily on a fibre optic backbone with high speed network switching. This ensures accurate and timely data flow, minimal downtime. It also ensures that future planned infrastructure development will progress without disruption.

Painting including Intumescent Coating

1. Priming of Steel

Noel C. Duggan Structural Steel Ltd.’s GIETART fully automated painting line incorporates a pre heating automatic spray booth and drying chamber.

All steelwork is pre-heated to 30C before being automatically sprayed from every angle at controlled application thickness.

The painted steel is then fed through the drying tunnel where the temperature is maintained at 60C with multi-directional airflows.

The result is a consistent perfect finish that is completely dry before it is directly loaded onto the transport trailers.

2. Intumescent Coating of Steel

Noel C. Duggan Engineering provide for In House Treatment of Steel to intumescent coat steel to achieve 60, 90 & 120 Minute Fire Rating including Top Coat Sealing of Steel prior to delivery to site.

We source all our Products from SherwinWilliams UK who provide the necessary Technical support & Loading Tables to determine the DFT Readings required to achieve the necessary rating on a given steel member.

We as part of the BCAR Regulations carry out Regular Recordings of both Environmental & DFT Readings for Independent Paint Inspectors to check & sign off so as to provide a complete service for this scope of works.

Intumescent Paint Shop


Essential to completing a project on time is transportation. Noel C. Duggan Structural Steel Ltd. supplies transportation by its own trucks and trailers, and by direct contract haulers if necessary to ensure on time and cost-effective delivery.


Noel C. Duggan Structural Steel Ltd. has its own team of experienced erectors with high standards for safety and performance. Whether the project is simple or complex, the team can meet the demands of any size project.

We can provide you with the best professional service at a competitive price.  Important to note is that the company’s safety record speaks for itself.

Construction Erection Services


Noel C. Duggan Structural Steel Ltd. has invested substantially the equipment used.  In order to meet growing industry demands and challenging designs it is essential to keep up to date on machinery developments.

Construction Erection Services

In – House

  • Peddinghaus ABCM 1250/3 Steel Burning System (Coping Line)
  • Peddinghaus BDL 1250 Beam Drilling Line (Drilling Line)
  • Peddinghaus PCB 1270 Double Mitre BandSaw (Cutting Line)
  • Peddinhaus FPBD 1800 Plasma plate cutting machine (Plate Line)
  • Ficep Automatic band saw /Drill line (Cutting & Drilling Line)


  • Range of MEWP’s & Teleporter’s
  • LTM1055 – 3.1 Liebherr Mobile Crane 55 Tonne Crane
  • 2 No. Kato 25 Tonne Mobile Cranes.

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